Great Neck Pediatric Dentistry

Friendly & Effective Dentistry for Children

At Distinctive Dental Services of New York, P.C., our board-certified pediatric dentists are dedicated to maintaining and improving the dental health of children of all ages. This involves both early diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, as well as preventative services. Our Great Neck pediatric dentists' goal is to start early and build a healthy relationship with your child so they look forward to dental appointments.

We recommend that your child come in for their first appointment around their first birthday. From there, they should visit regularly as their teeth begin to develop so we can monitor their dental and oral health.

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Maintaining Your Children's Oral Health

It is essential for your child to be taught from an early age how to properly care for their teeth. This is key to maintaining excellent dental health throughout their life. At our office, we educate both parents and the children on how to prevent dental problems. This is why we not only provide treatment for cavities and other problems but also a variety of preventative services, such as teeth cleanings and sealants.

Some of the Great Neck pediatric dental services we offer include:

  • Exams
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride application

Creating a Comfortable Experience for Your Child

At Distinctive Dental Services of New York, P.C., we know that your child may have anxiety about going to the dentist. Or, if it's their first time, they may not know what to expect and you may worry about what to tell them. It's important that you refrain from giving them any type of negative expectations, such as saying, "It won't hurt." Instead, keep the information brief and positive and we'll take care of the rest!

Our Great Neck pediatric dentists are experienced in working with children of all ages, including children with special needs. You can rely on us to make them as comfortable as possible during their visit. We also serve patients in Manhasset, Little Neck, and Long Island.

How often should my child see a pediatric dentist?

In order to prevent cavities and other dental problems, your child should get a check-up every six months. However, this may depend on the child. Your pediatric dentist can tell you how often your child should visit depending on their specific oral health. As your child gets older, they will be able to see their pediatric dentist less often, or as often as the dentist advises.

At what age should a child see a pediatric dentist?

It is recommended that a child go to the pediatric dentist by age 1 or within six months after their first tooth comes in. Primary teeth usually begin growing in around 6 months old. Pediatric dentists will see your child from the age of birth up until young adulthood. Your child will most likely stop seeing a pediatric dentist at around age 18.

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The Distinctive Difference

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    We believe that all patients deserve the highest standard of care, from children to adults.

  • A Heart For Special Needs

    We are well trained and experienced in treating patients of all ages with special needs.

  • Board-Certified Anesthesiologist

    We offer sedation & general anesthesia with a board-certified dentist anesthesiologist.

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    Newly renovated facility includes nine comfortable and high-tech treatment rooms & operating room.