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Special Needs Dentistry in Great Neck

For Mentally & Physically Challenged Patients

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Many patients who have special needs such as developmental delay and autism require specialized dental care. They may be more susceptible to oral trauma, gum disease, and tooth decay. As a result of their behavior therapy or medical diagnosis, they may require a diet or medication that may be detrimental to their dental and oral health. This is why it is of the utmost importance to consult a Great Neck special needs dentist who is highly trained and experienced in this complex area of dentistry.

How Our Dentists Are Trained in Special Needs Care

At Distinctive Dental Services of New York, P.C., our dentists are experienced and well-trained in caring for patients with special needs. Everly single one of our dentists has received an all-encompassing education in anesthesia techniques, sedation, and behavior management. After the examination, our dentists will discuss treatment options for your child's or your family member's own unique oral and dental needs.


Our pediatric and general dentists work closely with the other health care providers who are caring for your child's or other family member's special health needs. They will consult with you regarding any special health concerns or medications that the patient may be taking. They will also consult with the primary care physician and/or specialists to ensure each concern is addressed. Our office is wheelchair accessible for patients who are physically challenged. Our treatment rooms are sized to accommodate our patients' wheelchairs, enabling treatment and X-rays without having to transfer to the dental chair.

Dentist for Children With Special Needs in Great Neck

Dr. Mary George, our board-certified pediatric dental specialist, will give your child a thorough dental examination in order to determine your child's specific dental needs. Here are a few things our practices does to make a special needs child feel more comfortable at the dentist:

  • Parental involvement is important in this process. A child may feel more relaxed if he or she sees mom and dad in the room while he or she is getting their dental examination.
  • If the child is young enough, they may sit on mom or dad's lap with their head resting on mom or dad's shoulder.
  • If the child is too big to sit on your lap, it is helpful if you hold their hands to help them reduce anxiety.
  • Your child may require X-rays. Sometimes, your child may be unable to cooperate on his or her own. It may be necessary for you to stay in the treatment room and assist the doctor in taking your child's X-rays.

Dentist For Adults With Special Needs in Great Neck

We look forward to providing dentistry for adult patients with special needs. The course of treatment is determined after assessing each individual patient's medical history and dental concerns. Appointments may be coordinated with various specialists such as oral surgeons, periodontists, and endodontists when necessary.

How To Help Special Needs Children or Adults Through A Dental Appointment

Our pediatric dentists and general dentists will recommend a technique based on the amount of dental treatment your child or other family member requires and their ability to cooperate for dental treatment. They will then discuss the benefits, limits, and risks of that technique with you. If you and our dentist choose general anesthesia in our office, Dr. Ralph Epstein, our dentist anesthesiologist, will be included in your consultation.

If your child or other family member requires dental treatment, there are several options for treatment:


There are countless patients who suffer from medical conditions that prevent them from receiving traditional dental care. Our skilled dentists will take into account all factors, including medical history, when they determine the best treatment options for your specific situation. We are highly experienced in treating differently abled patients and you can count on us to provide you with the caring and capable dental services you deserve.


Our newly renovated office has two over-sized rooms that permit easy access for patients that use wheelchairs or require additional space to transfer to a dental chair. For patients treated in these rooms, we also use a portable X-ray machine called Nomad Pro 2. This permits us to take digital radiographs on patients without transferring the patient to a dental chair. Since the X-rays we use are digital, this allows for 90% less radiation exposure than conventional X-rays.

Benefits of Using a Specialized Dentist for Autistic Patients

A special needs dentist who specializes in treating autistic patients offers numerous benefits, ensuring a comfortable and effective dental experience. Here are some key advantages of using a special needs dentist for autistic patients:

  • Expertise in autism: Special needs dentists have extensive knowledge and understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), enabling them to provide personalized and effective dental care for autistic patients.
  • Sensory-friendly environment: These dentists create a dental setting that minimizes sensory triggers and promotes a calm and comfortable atmosphere, accommodating the sensory sensitivities often associated with autism.
  • Effective communication: Special needs dentists utilize strategies such as visual aids, social stories, and clear language to facilitate effective communication with autistic patients, ensuring they understand the procedures and feel more at ease.
  • Tailored techniques and accommodations: These dentists employ specific techniques and accommodations tailored to the unique needs of autistic patients, including desensitization exercises, shorter appointments, and sedation or anesthesia when necessary.
  • Anxiety reduction: By understanding the anxiety commonly experienced by autistic individuals during dental visits, special needs dentists work to alleviate fear and stress, enhancing the overall dental experience and promoting a positive attitude towards oral health.
  • Improved oral health outcomes: The specialized care provided by special needs dentists ensures that the oral health needs of autistic patients are met, leading to better oral health outcomes, reduced dental problems, and improved overall well-being.

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