Dentists Serving Special Needs Patients

Exceptional dental care is important for individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some patients, such as those who have a mental or physical disability, are more prone to developing certain dental problems, such as gingivitis and tooth decay, which is why oral care is often more challenging for them. Therefore, specialized dental care is often necessary. However, many special needs patients find the unfamiliar sights and sounds of a dental office overwhelming and difficult to cope with. This is why finding a dentist with extensive experience in caring for patients with special needs is vital.

At Distinctive Dental Services of New York, P.C, we understand the importance of dental care and its connection to a person’s overall health well-being. Our staff is highly trained in caring for patients with special needs and experienced in treating their unique dental needs.

How to Prepare for a Dental Visit

For many, going to the dentist can be a daunting experience. For special needs patients, preparation is a key factor in reducing the anxiety of this visit, so everything goes smoothly. If you have a loved one with special needs and plan on taking him or her to the dentist, make sure you discuss it in advance. To help explain the visit to your loved one, consider using pictures, videos, or any other tool that accurately depicts what occurs during a regular dental check-up. Knowing what to expect will help your loved one understand the purpose of this visit and the benefits it provides.

Turn it Into a Positive Experience

Being prepared and planning ahead of time for a dental visit will help ensure this is a positive experience for a patient with special needs. Try to schedule the appointment during a time that you believe will result in the most positive experience. Find out when there might be a shorter wait time for patients and, if you are only able to schedule an appointment when there might be a longer wait time, make sure you plan for some activities in the waiting room. Bring a tablet, magazine, or other items to keep him or her occupied.

Skilled Dental Services for Patients with Special Needs in Great Neck

If you have a loved one with special needs, you know how important it is to find exceptional specialized dental care. At Distinctive Dental Services of New York, P.C., our dentists have the experience and training to care for your loved one. We will consult with you regarding any of your loved one’s special health concerns or medications to ensure the proper treatment is given and your loved one’s needs are accommodated and well cared for.

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